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Personal Injury

Personal Injury

What is Personal Injury?

Personal injuries can occur at any time and can have a number of different causes: Auto injury, workplace accidents or sports injuries.  If you are experiencing an injury that was beyond your control, we are able to help.  Whether your are working with an attorney or covered under a personal injury protection plan, we can provide treatment for majority of the cases with no out of pocket expenses for you. 


How Can We Help?

Our first priority is our patients.  We will fully examine the situation and construct an individualized treatment plan that will provide the quickest and most effective results.  ProActive works in conjunction with a number of specialists, pain management offices and imaging centers in Bryan/College Station and surrounding areas to provide a well rounded treatment plan to assure the best quality care.

What Our Clients Say About Us

  • A few months ago I tweaked my back while unloading something heavy out of the back of my truck. I heard a snap and went to the ground instantly not being able to walk...or even move. I called Jason. Jason rushed to my house and adjusted me there in my garage. Afterwards, I was able to stand up and walk unassisted into the house. After two more adjustments in that next week, I was able to get back to daily life without any issues.

    ---- Jason H.
  • I had been having neck pain for about a month. I contacted Dr. Jason Allen and after the very first visit I noticed an improvement. My neck pain was almost gone. I was so happy. Not only did he take the time to personally listen to my concerns, but he began treating me with exercises, stretches & massage techniques that has proven to eliminate my pain. I was seeing a medical doctor who prescribed medication & after finishing the dose my pain was right back. To my surprise his plan of action has proven to be the proper fix. Dr. Allen is remarkable. It’s nice to see that his passion in his eyes & his goal to take care of you right away. His professionalism is spot on.

    ---- Monica P.
  • I've had SI and rhomboid issues for several years now. Dr. Allen has been able to adjust, and realign, my hips, and help work out my rhomboid issues. He's helped me get back into certain exercises I could no longer complete before I was his patient.

    ---- Christopher L.
  • Three days after my car accident, I was having severe neck and shoulder pain. My personal injury lawyer advised me to see a chiropractor and referred me to Proactive Chiropractic. Dr. Allen was quick to schedule me an appointment, was very thorough with my recovery, and he worked closely with my lawyer to ensure my treatment was precise. My neck and shoulder feel so much better thanks to Dr. Allen!

    ---- Kyle S.
  • I started seeing Dr. Allen after I was involved in a car accident earlier this year and I'm so glad that I chose ProActive Chiropractic. From my very first visit, Dr. Allen has set the standard very high! He takes his time to make sure that I understand what is being done and answers any questions I have. I suffered from neck and shoulder pain after the accident which caused trouble sleeping and I had difficulty doing every day tasks. My job involves sitting in front of a computer most of the day and when I go home, I am a mother to a 2 year old so Dr. Allen understands the demands that I have to fulfill and he worked with me as I am healing completely. He has a gift for what he does! As someone who didn't go to a chiropractor often, he makes me feel comfortable and works around my busy schedule. Anytime someone asks me the name of my chiropractor and I tell them- I hear nothing but great reviews! Dr. Allen has a wonderful reputation in our community and I have already recommended him to my own friends and family!

    ---- Victoria V.
  • With all the pains that come with being pregnant, back pain is one that I could take control over. When I went to see Dr. Allen, I was nervous. I had never thought of going to a chiropractor when I was going through my first pregnancy. But he was calm and assured me that it would be fine and talked with me the entire time. After it was all done, I left happy and feeling good, returning every few weeks to get adjusted.

    ---- Angelica M.
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